Presentation of the Kaboss-Ka Group


 Kabosska 1


The Kaboss-Ka group is an association law 1901 which aims at :


  • Promoting the art of gwoka and all its specificities. Gathering the members willing to create and to share it with other people.
  • Sharing and passing our knowledge of gwoka by taking part in cultural events.
  • Establishing partnerships with other cultural national and international organizations.
  • Paying tribute to Caribbean and African cultural and artistic customs.
  • It is worth noting that Kaboss-Ka is always eager to go beyond the purposes described beneath.



Purposes for the beginning of 2014 :


  • Finish Kaboss-Ka’s web site.
  • Complete all the administrative procedures.
  • Establish partnerships with French or international cultural organizations.




Our philosophy:

  • To share is to preserve !
  • Any prejudice should not prevent people from uniting and sharing their experience !
  • Be welded as the seed of a cocoa pod !


Kaboss-Ka’s key moments :


  • July/August 2013 : creation of Kaboss-Ka’s name and logo.
  • 13th Octobre, 2013 : legal creation of the Kaboss-Ka group.
  • 20th Novembre, 2013 : official announcement of Kaboss-Ka’s creation.
  • 19th Decembre 2013 : creation of Kaboss-Ka’s web site.
  • December 2013/January 2014 : first subscribing of Kaboss-Ka’s members and supporters.